Speaking to The Darling Fire drummer Steven Kleisath, one can’t help but note the dichotomy between his attitude and the band’s music. On the one hand, the Floridian quintet’s songs are loaded with dreamy fuzz, haunting riffs, and introspective lyrics about trying to find your way in the world. Steven, on the other, is crackling with enthusiasm when he speaks about the project, to the point where you can almost hear the smile on his face over the phone.

If you were a fan of the second and third wave of emo [circa late 90s to early 00s] then there’s a good chance you’ll find a few familiar faces in The Darling Fire. Featuring members of Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, The Rocking Horse Winner and more, this brand-new rock outfit are equal parts crashing guitars, emotive lyrics and nuanced storytelling.

Vocalist-guitarist Jolie Lindholm used to front the Rocking Horse Winner, a very good South Florida emo band who never quite got their shine and broke up in 2004. You've heard her voice if you've listened to either of the first two Dashboard Confessional albums; she duetted with Chris Carrabba on tracks across 2000's Swiss Army Romance and 2001's Gold-certified The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most.


The Darling Fire announced their debut album with their first single, “For The Loveless.” Comprised of members from Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, The Rocking Horse Winner, Shai Hulud, Poison The Well among others, this chugging post-harcore track plays to its strengths with a powerful lead vocalist and a haunting undertone.

The Darling Fire is a new band fronted by Jolie Lindholm [who used to front The Rocking Horse Winner and sang on the first two Dashboard Confessional albums], which also features Jolie’s former Rocking Horse Winner bandmate Jeronimo Gomez [also of Poison The Well and As Friends Rust], as well as former members of Further Seems Forever, Shai Hulud, and more. Their J Robbins [of Jawbox]-produced debut album Dark Celebration comes out June 14 via Spartan Records, and lead single “For The Loveless” is out now.

Members of punk and emo bands The Rocking Horse Winner, Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Poison the Well, Shai Hulud, As Friends Rust and Strongarm have coalesced under a new moniker — The Darling Fire — and recently completed recording a new album, Dark Celebration, with revered producer J. Robbins.

Episode 176 - After meeting a guy in her college math class named Chris Carrabba, Jolie Lindholm started singing on his albums, and started her own band - The Rocking Horse Winner. After releasing 2 albums and making a big splash in the early 2000's emo scene, the band broke up and Jolie disappeared. Nearly 15 years later she is back with a new band The Darling Fire - featuring members of Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, and more. Jolie talks about the end of her old band, and some of the heartbreak that led to her picking up a guitar for the first time - at age 40.

Jolie Lindholm moved to Florida for college and sang on a project for a guy named Chris Carrabba. You might have heard of him. That connection led her to fronting her first band, The Rocking Horse Winner. Lindholm discusses being a woman in a mostly male dominated scene [plus being an "emo" band in a hardcore world], as well as the whirlwind ride that has been her latest project The Darling Fire.

It wouldn’t be crazy to propose that any new band formed in South Florida’s tight-knit music scene, especially a punk/hardcore band, is a supergroup. In that close circle of players there is already so much history and pedigree, another lineup is unavoidably “super” in the band-of-titans, “Avengers, assemble!” sense.