Well... it's been a busy year so far. Our first three singles are live everywhere now, as is our video that we had so much fun making with Ian Fursa for our song "Saints in Masquerade"! It was a whirlwind production, but we're so proud of the result. We couldn't have done it without everyone's help!

We're about to head up to NYC to celebrate our first album [Dark Celebration] release on Spartan Records this weekend at Arlene's Grocery [my first full length vinyl in fact!], which we had such a blast recording with J. Robbins of Jawbox back in January. That was another crazy experience - drving up to Baltimore and recording an album in just 5 days. We can't wait for everyone to finally hear the album in its entirety this Friday...

And last but not least we have a beautiful new website created by Brad Chancellor over at Chancellor Creative! Take a look around and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive all the exciting news and updates we have coming up. We hope to see you guys on the road this year!

- Jolie [TDF]